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Leicestershire Football Archive, a not-for-profit research website designed, created and maintained by Nigel Freestonecelebrates the history of football in Leicestershire, which is full of drama, excitement, controversy, violence, and even a tinge of sadness. The archive charts the rather “ugly” beginnings of the “beautiful game” in Leicestershire:

  • Explore the incident-packed, controversial and at times farcical history of local cup and league competitions in addition to Leicestershire football successes and failures nationally.
  • Discover stories about football clubs and players from your village/town or the area of Leicester where you live.
  • Learn about and wince at the accidents and injuries sustained by players and be blown away by strange and bizarre incidents that occurred throughout the history of football in Leicestershire.
  • Celebrate the results and achievements of Leicestershire teams past and present and read match reports exactly as they appeared in print at the time, that bring football of forgotten eras back to life.
  • Create and Contribute items to the archive & become a storyteller by sharing your footballing memories.
  • Participate in on-line discussions and research projects.

Initially the archive will concentrate on the development of the association game in Leicestershire during the Victoria era. With the help of the Leicestershire football community and other partners it is hoped to expand the archive to cover all eras up to the millennium. If you would like to volunteer please Get In Touch and show your support by telling your friends about the archive


Nineteenth Century Football

The following posts provide useful introduction to football in Leicestershire during the nineteenth century:

Introduction to Victorian Football

Development of Football in Leicestershire

Leicestershire Football Timeline

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