Ernest Veasey (23) sadly died following injuries received in a match between Aylestone United and All Saints at Aylestone in January 1898. In a most remarkable coincidence the deceased played for the same team – Aylestone United – as John Briggs (20), who three months earlier was fatally injured in a football match, against Enderby Granite. Furthermore, Ernest Veasey played in the match in which Briggs was injured and gave evidence at his inquest. Henry Moore was found guilty of the manslaughter of John Briggs

On 16 October 1897 John Briggs, a plumber was taken home to Leicester from Enderby by cart.  The Aylestone United forward complained of abdominal pain caused by Henry Moore, Enderby Granite defender and son of the landlord of the New Inn, Enderby who had charged him in the back knocking on to the goalkeeper’s knee. Medical assistance was called, but he sadly died a week later. Moore was given bail and at Leicester Assizes was convicted of manslaughter. He was bound over in his own recognisances of £50 to come up for judgement when called upon.

Three months later, Ernest Veasey, a couple of minutes after scoring, chased after the ball with Frederick Whitmore who was playing at the back for All Saints. Whitmore kicked the ball at the same time that Veasey got to it. The ball struck Veasey in the face, and Whitmore’s toe at the same time or immediately after struck Veasey in the ribs. Veasey shouted out and clasped both hands round his body and left the field remarking that he had broken one of his ribs. He was taken to the house of Arthur Arnold, secretary of the Aylestone United, walking part of the way and being carried the rest. After tea and brandy he was taken home in a trap, and went to bed where he died sometime before 9.30 pm. Dr Griggs stated at the inquest that Veasey died as a result of “shock and haemorrhage consequent upon the laceration of the kidney.” A jury returned a verdict of accidental death and gave their fees to the deceased ‘s mother.