Leicester Fosse, in their fifth year of existence, running two teams and with a membership of just over 40, signed their first professional player – 20 years old, 5ft 4 inch striker Harry Webb – from Stafford Rangers in October 1888. Professionalism had only been legalised for association football three years earlier. Webb was paid 2s 6d (12½p) per week plus travelling expenses. Obviously money values have changed since the late 1880s but even so, 2s 6d per week was a modest sum. A skilled worker in 1888 typically earned 8d an hour so 2s 6d was the equivalent of about four hours work. In terms of purchasing power, 1 shilling (5p) would buy two pints of strong ale, ten cigarettes and a heaped-up plate of sandwiches. 

Webb scored six goals on his County Cup debut against Syston Wreake Valley a month after signing and scored when Fosse won the trophy for the second time in 1891. In October 1892 he claimed the first Fosse FA Cup hat-trick, along with Billy Dorrell, in the 7-0 slaughter of Rushden. In addition to the numerous goals scored in friendlies and County Cup matches, Webb netted 6 times in 5 FA Cup games and 8 Midland League goals in 26 appearances. He worked in the shoe trade and a wool business after finishing with football and died in Leicester aged 72.

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